Partner Organizations of AFRD

The following three Organizations are associated with Aditi Foundation to fulfil the aims and objectives of the Organization.

Sani Water Solutions (

Technical and advisory Services

Prefeasibility and feasibility studies, integrated water management, non revenue water, performance and service level benchmarking, drinking Water quality, drinking water security, participatory planning and management, sustainable sanitation options, ecological sanitation, participatory planning and action for sustainable water and sanitation, water and sanitation in emergencies, public policy evaluation and analysis, financing options, appropriate technology options, institutional development and change management, payments for eco system services, decentralised governance, school sanitation and hygiene education, monitoring & evaluation, impact assessments of Projects/Programmes, health impacts of water and sanitation, economic and environmental analysis, social inclusion, climate proofing and climate change adaptation in water management.

Design and development of Social Ventures

To design and develop social ventures and the projects for the NGOs working in the area of sanitation promotion, water treatment, climate resilience and adaptation to change, and community based water management and livelihood for the poor.

Project Management

Project conceptualisation and bid preparation, project planning, preparation of detailed project reports, project implementation support, monitoring and supervision, providing specialised technical manpower for execution of the projects.

Capacity Development

Organising and facilitation of the trainings, workshops and seminars, Training Needs Assessment (TNA), adult learning methodologies, appropriate pedagogies, development and design of training curricula, training impact assessments, design and development of training material, organisational development, Institutional transformation and change management, community engineering, climate

Communication for Development

Design and roll out of communication strategies, Information Education and Communication (IEC) Campaigns, communication for behaviour change, communication on water and sanitation management, documentation, documentaries conceptualisation, communication in multiple and local languages, design and roll out of folk media, mass media programme.

Climate Change Adaptation:

Sani Water Solutions offer consultancy services across the following 5 horizontal vectors in the area of water, hygiene, sanitation and environmental improvements across one cross cutting vector of climate change and adaptation.

Aditi Foundation is associated with SaniWater Solutions for Technical and Capacity Building Support towards Safe, secure and sustainable water practices and water quality issues. Also we are associated to create a better environment for the general public, specially children affected by water and vector born diseases.

Shohratgarh Environmental Society, Siddtharthnagar

Shohratgarh Envirnomnetal Society (SES) is a development organization. SES was informally born with issue of local safe drinking water issue in 1985. Over the years, SES has evolved to be a comprehensive NGO which works in the field of agriculture, food security, livelihood, health, education, disaster mitigation, water & environment. Since its origin, SES has been engaged with various developmental programme. The programmes are addressing issues of children, women, youth & unprivileged group. These programmes are based on community, gender participation & ethical ecological values. Over the years, SES has developed its own working style & culture. SES has started as an organization which works for awareness among citizen. With learning in the years, SES has molded itself in organization working with right & advocacy based approach. SES has conducted several capacity building & programme. SES also publishes its quarterly newsletter "ECHO SES" which always maintains a standard regarding content over social & developmental issues.

SES treats all employees equally irrespective of their caste, creed, sex or religion. All employee work harmonically. SES has some inherent values borrowed from its founder member: Honesty, Trust and Team Work. SES also commits to support to Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact with respect to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Aditi Foundation is associated with SES for support of National Environment Awareness Campaign and for empowering the community to sustain the efforts towards ensuring a secure environment.

Groups of Artisans

Aditi Foundation is associated with a number of Artisans Groups in District Barabanki. The Foundation supports them for their livelihood by providing support for skill training in Chikan Embroidery. and by establishing linkages of groups to Rural Banks for backward & forward linkages. Some of the Groups are listed below:-

Partners of Aditi Foundation
Groups of Artisans
Sr. No. Name of SHGs Village Block District
1. Shiv Bhole Odar Nindura Barabanki
2. Vikash Odar Nindura Barabanki
3. Guri Paltupur Nindura Barabanki
4. Vikash Guggor Nindura Barabanki
5. Krishna Guggor Nindura Barabanki
6. Ekta Basara Nindura Barabanki
7. Buddha Shiksha Chand Nagar Nindura Barabanki
8. Amdedkar Chand Nagar Nindura Barabanki
9. Durga Odaria Nindura Barabanki
10. Jai Santoshi Maa Odaria Nindura Barabanki
11. Ganga Kamipur Nindura Barabanki
12. Jamuna Kamipur Nindura Barabanki
13. Jagrati Samerda Nindura Barabanki
14. Ujala Samerda Nindura Barabanki
15. Shubh Laxmi Pindshawa Nindura Barabanki