About Us

Aditi Foundation for Research and Development was established in the year 2005-06 under the Society’s Registration Act 1860 to work in Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow. The Organization has seven devoted members in its Board of Directors. All the Members are qualified in different disciplines like social sciences, Engineering, Commerce, Masters in Business Management (HR), Arts, Music and Teachers’ Training (Education), etc.

The Organization has a strong support of a Group of Eminent Advisors from the field of Engineering, Water Resources Management, Water and Sanitation, Water Quality & its monitoring and surveillance, GIS, Social Development and Gender Issues, Environmental Science, Economics etc.

The Foundation is presently working in the areas of Environmental Awareness and Actions, water management, water & sanitation, skill development vocational trainings, women’s Social and Economic Empowerment, Educational & Health awareness and Livelihood issues of Marginalized Communities.

Organizational Details:

Name of the organization Aditi Foundation for Research and Development
Registration No./Date 365/2005-06/ 27.05.2005
Address (Regd. Office) A-27, Gandhi Nagar, Khurramnagar, Lucknow-226 022, U.P.
Address (Administrative Office) A-27, Gandhi Nagar, Khurramnagar, Lucknow-226 022, U.P.
Contact Name Biswajeet Sarkar
Contact Telephone Number Mob. 9415589257
E-Mail Address afrd2012@gmail.com
PAN of the Organization AABAA2290C
  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to have a Democratic Society which is Socially and Economically Empowered and Environmentally safe for the masses.

  • Our Mission

    Organizational Mission is to work in an integrated manner for the cause of social, economic and environmental security, social inclusion and social empowerment of the marginalized community and society.

  • Objective of the Organization

    The Organization’s main objective is to provide equal opportunity of optimum growth and development of the rural and urban community and to make participatory efforts in directions so as to minimize the negative impacts of developmental projects for a socially and environmentally safe and sustainable society.

Main Functions of the Organization:

  • Women’s economic development & empowerment by making them well informed, aware and socio economically self reliant.
  • Organizing vocational trainings, skill up gradation /development programme and to establish backward & forward linkages for sustainable livelihood.
  • To run IEC/BCC programmes for different development schemes of the government departments.
  • To take up awareness and developmental programme for the cause of improvement in water, sanitation and environmental conditions in U.P.
  • Promote natural resource management and conjunctive use of surface and ground water to sustain the ground water table for future needs.
  • Educational development of the minority and poor sections of society.
  • Capacity Building of the community by organizing trainings, seminars, workshops, awareness camps, health camps, meetings, cultural programmes etc.
  • Research studies and implement development projects for socio- economic, environment and other development.